Student/Parent Handbook 2020 – 2021

Admission Policy

Here you can find the requirements, criteria and procedures for any potential candidate to enroll in any of the SAPI Charter Schools of choice.



Release of Student Information

Each year we are required by law to give parents an opportunity to indicate if they want Student Directory information about their child released to the public. We may, from time to time, receive requests from the general public for information on your child.

The family Educational Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) defines student directory information as the student’s name, address, photograph, telephone number, date and place of birth, awards received in school, and participation in activities or sports (including the participant’s height and weight). This type of information may still appear internally in the school’s newsletter, yearbook and PTA directory. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires the express permission of a parent to place a student’s personal information on the internet.

Please be AWARE that to be in compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The School District will release to military recruiters and institutions of higher education upon requests the name, address and telephone listing of your child, unless you direct the District not to release this information without the prior written consent, as indicated below. This objection must be filed with the principal within ten school days of your child’s first day of instruction for this school year.

Every parent or guardian is expected to fill out a form giving or dening his/her permission to release his/her child information.

District Complaint Form

Students/Parents District Complaint Procedure

Pursuant to 20 USC 7844, Sec 9304 (a)(3)(C), of the ESEA, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) implements written procedures that offer parents, public agencies, other individuals or organizations a method for receipt and resolution of complaints alleging violations in the administration of educational programs and services. Pursuant to Section 9306 of the No Child Left Behind Act, a local education agency (such as a public charter or school district) accepting federal funds also agrees to adopt local written procedures for the receipt and resolution of complaints alleging violations of law in the administration of educational programs and services.


Immunizations Required and Recommended for students