August 15, 2019 –

Dear TPHS Faculty and Staff,

On behalf of our Charter Holder Board, State Charter School Board and your TPHS Central Office Administration, I want to congratulate you on your district’s and campuses’ outstanding performance and ratings reported by the State of Texas 2019 A-F Accountability rating system.

Your schools’ performance this year demonstrates a significant improvement from the 2018 accountability scores. This is truly commendable, and we are very proud of the devotion and perseverance that has led us to this celebration of success!

Triumph Public High Schools is an amazing organization that is full of dedicated, passionate and service oriented individuals committed to a mission of educating students who are looking for a place to belong and call home. Each of you have created an environment that loves, cares and supports students as they develop the necessary knowledge and skills to be triumphant.

We all know the work was difficult, but you rose to the challenge and met it head on without fear or hesitation. You did not let performance scores from the past bring you down and instead, you used past history as a motivation to prove that we are capable and that our students are worth it.

Our schools stand as a symbol of hope for many parents and students as we provide opportunities to access the future. Today you have been given confirmation by our state accountability system that you are achieving your mission.

Congratulations on your success! You have made us all proud. Keep up the good work!

Thank You for Your Continued Support!


Ms. Frances Berrones-Johnson
Triumph Public High Schools

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